Monday, July 2, 2012

Fifa 12 (Xbox 360 Game) Review


Whether you call it football or Soccer EA Sports has the best football videogame for you. This time FIFA 12 Ships with the all-new Player Impact engine which gives a richer simulation for football (or soccer) than any other FIFA Game made in the series without changing the core experience, gameplay or controls. The games also adds a new wide variety of celebrations as well as a smarter commentary


The game’s all-new Player Impact engine does a pretty good job in fixing popular glitches from previous FIFA games, enhancing celebrations and enhancing player faces to a whole new generation as well as showing little progress in enhancing the crowding system (Simply fans) to a more realistic and acceptable way. However, the games engine still has little flaws in celebrations as well as lacking behind in the crowding system (once again fans).



The game’s gameplay, controls and core experiences is still very similar to previous FIFA games but the new graphics engine gives the game a little bit of new feeling , The game has new skills , celebrations and fixed judging glitches , The game also fixed a variety of achievement glitches in Ultimate team  However, the game still has some random achievements glitches and by the way EA has listened to the fans and changed the achievements in the game unlike previous FIFA games which has only one achievement list used in all of them



The game has good crowds anger shouts (yeah really) , support for Custom soundtracks as well as a selection of  different songs on the disc . the games in match sounds gives you an overall experience that you are in a real match and the commentary AI is smarter than ever with new sentence which he uses Usually in the right time which makes it rare to hear the same comments more than twice in a match .However, as I said he usually uses it in the right time so sometimes you may find him saying comments very late or just messing up with the comments.



The game offers great improvement over other FIFA games but still has some but acceptable glitches .

The Good:

  1. Great improvement over previous games

  2. Sounds are very realistic

  3. Still has the experience which fans want

  4. Fixed many glitches

  5. Super graphics

The Bad:

  1. Still has some glitches

  2. There are  still some problems in the commentary


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