Monday, July 23, 2012

Wreckateer (Xbox live Arcade ) Review

Wreckateer will be released on 25 July 2012 for 800 Microsoft Points. A copy of the game had been provided for Review.


Wreckateer which I like to call Angry Birds Kinect-Beater is a combination of angry birds + First Person + some wrecking with a topping of Silly Avatars. Now Really Wreckateer is easily the BEST Kinect game on the marketplace or even Kinect. It shows that this small piece of hardware can really do something other than misunderstanding your gestures.


In Wreckateer you start your career as a building Wrecker trainee where Wreck and Tink train you to control missile and introduce you to two types of missiles: Flying and Regular one. After two to three missions you complete the training and then receive an email from King ordering you to destroy old houses because goblins are infesting it. At this point you start the main game objective which is wrecking old houses infested with goblins (The Bad Guys) Later in the game you will be introduced to splitting balls, explosive balls and the return of flying balls which helps in keeping the game fresh. However even after having all of these types of specials missiles you still have to use your mind in order to attack tactical places in the castles which will result in more destruction. The direction you cause will be represented in one of three medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

[caption id="attachment_464" align="alignnone" width="560"] Throw this one and wait for Explosions[/caption]

The game as I said previously uses the full ability of the Kinect Sensor with no significant failure and shows that the Kinect sensor can really achieve what we all thought it can achieve on E3 2009.

The Game also is the first game to use Avatar Famestar the new social integration created by Microsoft Studio for the games supporting it. Of Course all the game supporting are the games supporting Avatars. In Avatar Famestar there are challenges which you to earn fame, Fame can be redeemed for Avatar Stuff that can be used in games Supporting Famestar or other rewards. This can be used for showing people your achievements across all Avatar Famestar Supported games. This can be called as reinvention of wheel as some gamers think that achievements and avatar awards already do this. But this can still be called as a good social addition which is expected from Microsoft as Microsoft is concentrating on social addition for the last few months.



Iron Galaxy has done a pretty good job in the graphics of this game. This game was developed by Unreal Engine 3 the world leading graphics engine, this made the graphics in the game groundbreaking (well, a Kind of) and added a huge amount of destructibility which was requires in the game. The game also has realistic explosions and the Background Scenery also makes it a bit more realistic.

This game also supports avatars although they are not really realistic but this adds a bit if fun to the game.



The game features good explosion sounds and background sounds which makes it realistic however there is no real soundtracks



Iron Galaxy should be proud for making such a good game and Wreckateer is Day One buy for any gamer who own Kinect and is worth each and every single penny you will pay on it . So I easily Award the Game with the Full Mark with my First Editor's Choice for the year !

Final Score:      10/10                     Editor's Choice                                                                                                                                           


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