Saturday, July 7, 2012

The new Halo game (Halo 4) means a more Powerful Forge Mode

Certain Affinity the developer responsible for Crimson Alliance,Age of booty and Halo : combat Evolved Anniversary multiplayer .will  also be the developer responsible for developing Halo 4 Forge Mode .

While a huge number of improvements and additions have been added to the Forge mode the most interesting additions are the "Player Trait Zones," which allow the user to modify the characteristics of any players that enters a specific area, changing the power and height of their jumps, the speed at which they run or sprint etc,. It's even possible to reverse the gravity in a given area by using "Grav Volume" field tool.
Enhancements have also been made to the objects that can be placed by users: Elements can now be locked in place, magnetized and more efficiently duplicated. The editor's lighting system has also been overhauled; objects placed now cast and receive shadows normally

This improvement shows how hard - working are the developers working on Halo 4 mainly and forge mode Specifically .

But there is no sign of a Main Fan-Requested Feaure Until Now : Unlimited Cash Flow

Hope Certain Affinity adds it !

 Source : Joystiq

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