Sunday, July 29, 2012

BF3's (Aftermaths) and (End Game) Map Packs Announced and Dated .

Battlefield 3's "Aftermath" DLC pack, leaked way back and then confirmed but a day ago, will find itself in the hands of capable Battlefield soldiers all over the world next December, according to this Battlefield Premium hype page.

The site's calendar also officially confirms and dates BF3's "End Game" DLC pack for March of 2013. Both packs are said to contain four new maps, new unspecified weapons, equally new and equally unspecified vehicles, and "more." While Battlefield Premium subscribers gain access to DLC content two weeks earlier than regular unsubscribing folk, we expect the December and March launch windows to apply to both categories of people, provided the Premium launches aren't near the tail end of either month.

So are you excited to buy them or will just `skip' them ?

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