Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Maw (Xbla) Review


From the Twisted pixel comes The maw an action adventure game on Xbox Live Arcade , This game is fun but it's story is really small and lacks any hardcore elements so it is a casual game.

In this game you take control of an unnamed aliens which looks really close to an ant which controls a strange translucent alien , at the beginning of the story the ant is arrested by some robotic cops and later the location is exploded , In each level you eat a different creature which gives you a different special power every time to help you complete the level , the main objective in each level is to pass it and make the maw eat the creature there


The game's graphics are terrible and has nothing to do with being even close to realistic and it looks like that twisted pixel wanted that . The world graphics and water simulation gives you a felling that the game is a an animated painting , the game also has a acceptable explosion animation and a very good physics engine


The game has a lack of any sounds exept in rare parts of the game and explosion sound and many other small sound with a semi-complete lack of any sound tracks


The game is fun but has a big lack in sounds and graphics
The good: fun gameplay
The bad:1. the story so short 

2. Terrible graphics and sounds

3. Story is unexplained



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