Friday, May 18, 2012

Trials Evolution (XBLA) Review

Trials Fans Rejoice The Successor for 2009 Best-Selling XBLA Trials HD game has finally arrive with great improvements and surprises for fans across all the section


Trials Evolution was updated with an improved lightning and graphics system with the addition of outdoor tracks and great improvement in the details of the track, background as well as the bike details itself.

So in this Category it gets a 10/10


The game has a clear and wonderful engine sound but the sound tracks in the game simply wont appeal to many game so it still gets a 9/10


In this section Trials Evolution was shown to have a fun gameplay implementing outdoor tracks as well as fun skill game with the addition of Driver licenses which gives the player a tutorials about new skills each time he is entering a new track difficulty as well as have a new feature called Track Central which allows player to share their tracks with all the people on Xbox live who own the game as will as having a more powerful editor so here it get 10/10

Conclusion :

It is one of XBLA best games and is actually a real sequel for trials HD and is an honor for the Trials series in the ending trials evolution is worth its 15$ or 1200 ms points price and we thank Ubisoft, Redlynx and Microsoft game studios for developing such a good game

9.5/10 *****

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